A bit of humor

This weeks podcast has a theme of humor. I just want to take a moment and say how thankful I am that it’s cool to have a sense of humor again. For a while comics seemed to be awfully bleak, dark, dreary, and sometimes just downright depressing. It seems that Nick Spencer and Steve Lieber really paved the way for humor to be acceptable in comics, or at least, in mainstream comics.

Marvel is a giant corporate entity, you can tell that often they will go with whatever is trending or seems to get getting light in the industry. It was a big surprise when the superior foes of spider-man made its début and had this vastly different feel. For one, it was a comic that followed a group of b-grade villains, second, it was a comic that was a comedic crime caper. It has such a different feel and tone than almost everything else at the time; to me it was honestly a huge breath of fresh air. Say what you will about Marvels “all-new” initiatives it has taken over the last couple years, in this instance, it was actually true. I can’t help but say that to me, this comic is a true work of genius.

This week saw the release of Nick Spencer & Steve Lieber’s new collaborative effort dubbed “the Fix”. I knew from the day that it was announced that I would be picking up this book, and now that the book is out I can honestly say it was well worth the wait. Everything that I loved about the Superior Foes comic lands in this title, and then is capitalized on and exaggerated until you you reach this perfect concoction of drama, crime and comedy. I can’t wait for subsequent issues, this will always be at the top of my pull list as long as it’s on shelves.


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